Kitteh ruins photograph

Quick note to ABC news – if you’re trying to illustrate a story about poverty and deprivation in remote communities such a way that highlights the absolute despair of the place, don’t pick the photograph that features a cute kitteh:

I suspect the reaction this picture is meant to prompt is “Oh” or “Ugh”, not “Aww!”

On the subject of the article itself – sigh.

7 responses to “Kitteh ruins photograph

  1. Cute….. But not as cute as YoYo – 15 weeks old and already caught a mouse (sorry vegans, but the mice in my house can go and fuck themselves – go YoYo)

  2. Heh, looking at the photo a bit more, scene looks quite idyllic to me, dog (love ’em) Cat (Love ’em) and beer (though not my preferred tipple (VB) – beer – love it!)

    The wheel looks OK too, alloy, tyre has a tread…

  3. A mouse? Bah!

    Ive got that beat RobJ.

    My cat Mr. Saveloy regularly brings in young rabbits. I shit you not, he goes down their warrens and drags then out.

    Then the dog usually steals them off him. Saves me on both cat and dog food!

    (No suprise he’s such a little monster, he lived feral for a while, until i found him living in the pig shed and rescued him.)

  4. And i see what you mean, the place in that photo looks like paradise, i don’t know what they’re complaining about 😉

  5. “I shit you not,”

    I believe you, I’ve known a few rabbit slaying moggies…

  6. That looks like just about every backyard of the town that I grew up in. Consequently it fills me with feelings of fond nostalgia, not despair and horror as the ABC captioner might hope. Man, I remember when we moved into a house next door to a gigantic, mostly unused wool shed in a paddock full of thorns and we’d run around all day in and out of the shed, salvaging stuff like that old tyre and newspaper.

    Anybody who is going to be horrified by a picture like this is most likely a wanky inner city yuppy who would probably get conniptions at a speck of mud on a the window on the 99th floor of a skyscraper.

  7. “wanky inner city yuppy ”

    Hang on a minute, surely all the yuppies are either old or dead, therefore extinct! 😉

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