We’ll visit, but only if you can put on a record-breaking heatwave for us

Oh – obviously we’re back. Comments for the blog that WordPress inexplicably held in moderation have been approved, and there’s already been a post bitching about an indefensible piece of political bastardry. So, you’re conceivably wondering – how was our trip up north?

Well, Sydney knew I’d waited 25 years to come back, so it put on quite a show. Where an ordinary three day November visit might get you averages of something pathetic like 30 or 35 degrees centigrade, we got up to 40. A bonus 30% extra degrees just for us! It was obviously a real stretch for the city to manage, which is why I gather it relaxed back down to less spectacular conditions the moment we left, but we certainly appreciated the effort.

We only really had two days to see things, and one of those was a good day only for being inside. So on Saturday we walked around the Opera House, and clambered over the Bridge (100% more Harboury and Sydneyish than anything Melbourne can muster), and caught a ferry to Manly. And we visited the Powerhouse Museum on Sunday, and I was mocked by an internationally-renowned astrophysicist for having an insufficiently witty t-shirt (“I’d like to double YOUR entendre”). We went on a monorail with such dodgy systems that leaving it for the 40 degree day outside was actually a relief.

And we saw some old friends and some newer ones, and had a lovely time with them. Thank you to everyone with whom we caught up, and we can’t wait to see you again. Sadly there wasn’t time to meet anyone from the blog on this flying visit, but we’ll be more organised next trip, we promise.

Hopefully Sydney can provide some even more exciting conditions then. Consider it a challenge, climate.


4 responses to “We’ll visit, but only if you can put on a record-breaking heatwave for us

  1. Ah…the Powerhouse. I remember when it was free and had a computer program that let you design a bridge and test it with various vehicles. That was a long time ago.

  2. The Sydney monorail is truly incredible. It’s actually approaching WORSE than the “parody” in The Simpsons. I suspect we’ll have to put it on the heritage list so that people can visit the fabled “fucking awful monorail”.

  3. I particularly liked the fact that the speaker above our heads sounded like there was either a nest of killer bees or a robot stuck in the air vent.

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