Blogger criticises redneck Queensland MPs

AN Internet blogger has criticised Queensland-based Coalition MPs and questioned whether some illegally share the same brain cell because they “all sound the same“.

Writing on one of his several hosted sites, the blogger lashed out at moronic Liberal and National MPs from Queensland like Vaughan Johnson, who apparently did not know when they were being unbelievably ignorant, offensive and stupid.

vaughan johnson
Everywhere you look, you see more depressingly thick LNP politicians saying fatuous, nasty things to appeal to the worst prejudices of their constituents.

“I have got to also touch on some of our countrymen in the parliament up there that are making these idiotic comments, and haven’t I had a hell of a time reading their drivel lately,” the blogger said before detailing his bad experiences including clicking on a link involving Mr Johnson vacuously bashing taxi drivers, and losing minutes of his evening to righteous indignation.

“Some of these MPs, I wonder if they did in fact manage to stand for and win a seat on their own merits, I wonder if they were just flicked a safe seat by the party because they promised to sound the same as the previous guy,” he said.

A spokesman for the Liberal and National Parties said no complaints for making their voters look like narrow-minded gits had been received and no Coalition MPs would be in any way punished for embarrassing the rest of conservative Australia.

10 responses to “Blogger criticises redneck Queensland MPs

  1. AN Internet blog commentator has criticised Victorian-based bloggers and questioned whether some illegally share the same brain cell because they “waste their time pursuing irrelevant news articles, when much more important shit is happening“…

  2. ANOTHER Internet blog commenter has criticised internet blog commenters who suggest that something shouldn’t receive a single blog post because “much more important shit is happening”, without specifying what in particular they wanted to read instead.

  3. ANOTHER Internet blog commenter has criticised internet blog commenters who criticise other internet blog commenters who …

    … ah, fuck it!

  4. Another Internet blog reader is amused enough to make a comment… but wonders if it was really worth the effort.

  5. Yet another internet blogger has also noticed the rise in redneckism brought on, apparently, by refugees daring to arrive here in boats

  6. Russ – you almost started an intelligent discussion then.

    Stop it.

  7. That’s why I don’t comment on blogs. Always ends up in a Murdoch rag.

  8. Barp, you should invoice Rupert.

  9. Nah, poor old coot is just about broke.

  10. Another blogger was able to recognise that blogging about this article and acknowledging that “more important shit is happening” in the world are not mutually exclusive.

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