Man who defeated me and undid my nastier policies sucks: Howard

Oh, look. The Deputy Sheriff has popped up again via News Ltd to have a childish go at the man who defeated him and undid some of his nastier policies, and to spout the shit we comprehensively rejected in 2007. And to make amazing claims about his magical refugee-bashing powers:

I’d stop the boats.

I don’t know that locking kids behind razor wire in the desert, or on remote islands, would still be enough, Johnny. Remember, there’s been a massive increase in world refugee numbers since we so thoroughly kicked you out. You might need more. Sharks with laser beams? A three thousand kilometre moat filled with genetically-engineered super crocodiles? A promise to brutally decapitate every third refugeee picked up? Setting fire to the Montara oil spill? Don’t keep the crazy ideas you’ve absorbed from the conservative echo chamber in which you’ve been living since your humiliating defeat, all to yourself!

Jumping crocodiles – with rocket launchers!

Say the people did rise up, just like in Howard’s more imaginative dreams, and reinstall him to the former position he knows should never have been cruelly taken from him – how could he really ensure “no more boats”? How could he make this country so unpleasant, so nasty, that the refugees would be fleeing from here? Your suggestions in the comments.


22 responses to “Man who defeated me and undid my nastier policies sucks: Howard

  1. And he’d be curing scrofula with a touch of his hand.

    One of Howard’s nastier legacies will be the politicisation of border protection. Personally, I think he’s always felt this way, and bit his tongue during the Fraser years. Hanson legitimised this, as he could give free reign to his xenophobia and still have Hanson on his right.

    I don’t think a majority of Liberal MPs really feel passionately about st0pping teh brown hordes, but they recognise electoral gold when they see it.

  2. Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t comment on politics once he was gone?

    Anyway it seems from Nielsen that Newspoll was an outlier and the Rudd Government hardly changed in its approval.

  3. Howard do us all a favour and go away.

    The Perth Sunday Times did a full two page spread on the thoughts of Howard, I thought I was going to be sick reading it.

    The Times is leaving no doubt that the electioneering process has already began, nearly every page carried an article condemning Rudd and his government.

  4. If Howard thinks a tougher policy would “stop the boats” then he’s obviously not seen Italy.

    He’s also full of shit: the boat arrivals started to increase while he was still in office.

  5. Howard couldn’t lie straight in bed, having said that at least he didn’t lock children up under the pretence of humanity, it was xenophobia. Rudd on the other hand claims he is humane when he isn’t, he’s just a lying hypocritical preachy prick!

    “He’s also full of shit”

    Hear hear ++++

  6. Howard’s legacy is one of promoting racism, corruption and nepotism, of vilifying refugees and of debasing parliamentary standards. I suppose it was too much to expect graciousness in his retirement, or even that he would just go away.

  7. It’s not so bad, it gives us all something to bitch about.

  8. The current incumbent is giving us plenty to bitch about. The lying rodent should stay in his mouse hole.

  9. “The current incumbent is giving us plenty to bitch about. ”


  10. ““The current incumbent is giving us plenty to bitch about. ”

    You got my vote!

  11. I am rarely in full, unequivocal agreement with SB, but those two comments express my thoughts exactly.

  12. Errggh…Howard…won’t he hurry up and die already?

    I say we let him loose with a tinny and let him go nuts on the north-west coast of WA. If he wants to stop the boats then give him a crack – hopefully he’ll do a Harold Holt and disappear…

  13. oooh…I want turtle to appear so here we go…gay marriage

  14. “Errggh…Howard…won’t he hurry up and die already”

    That is a nasty and spiteful comment – go look in a mirror.

  15. No more nasty and spiteful that horrible excuse for a human being is.

  16. I refer to you as known centrist

    “How could he make this country so unpleasant, so nasty, that the refugees would be fleeing from here? ”

    Naked statues of himself along the coastline. Might hurt tourism a bit.

  17. If by “hurt tourism a bit” you mean “make Australia as attractive as North Korea to visit” then… yes.

  18. “That is a nasty and spiteful comment –”

    He lied about asylum seekers being thrown overboard, he signed us up for a war of choice in Iraq on a pretext of LIES – FUCK HIM!

  19. Oh dear, the haters are out in force. I never understood the extraordinary personal attacks directed by the left at Howard. While I really don’t like Kruddy, I don’t see impugning his character and accusing him of racism, etc as a reasonable form of criticism.

    We should try to be civilized and reasonable in political discussions, rather than nasty and irrational.

    Indeed, the only positive aspect of Kruddy coming to power has been the fact that one can read the letters, and opinion, pages of the Age and SMH without being assailed by vitriolic rubbish.

  20. “I never understood the extraordinary personal attacks directed by the left at Howard.”

    There are a couple of damned good reasons in my post above, I guess you are in denial.

    “We should try to be civilized”

    As should have Howard.

    “rather than nasty ”

    Yay, turn the other cheek.


    WTF is irrational about despising a prick who LIED about people throwing their children overboard?

    “Kruddy ”

    Yet another partisan blogger! LOL

  21. I may be a partisan (I am not a blogger, wtf?) but you, RobJ, are proving my point. You guys just can’t let it go. Is it because Kruddy hasn’t lived up to expectatations or something?

    I suppose maybe Fairfax has simply stopped publishing the letters (given that Howard is no longer PM) rather than haters ceasing to write them. Sad, really.

  22. “Kruddy hasn’t lived up to expectations or something”

    He he, that’s funny.That’s more like wishful thinking on your part.Rudd will be in parliament as long as it suits him, and when he goes it won’t be by the ignominy of a defeat by an ABC journalist.

    Oh I do love it.I just wonder if in ten years the conservatives will hate Rudd as much as we hated Howard.

    Interesting times ahead.

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