It’s political correctness gone mad!

Here’s a tough call. You’re a television network with a very popular show aimed at the many Australians who play videogames. You’re about to launch a spin-off aimed at a younger audience.


The problem is this. When the program first launched, you thought of it as a niche “product”, and targeted it at what you thought was the likely audience – young males. You ignored the research that indicated many gamers are female, and instead hired two male presenters. (Three, since you replaced one bloke with another after a year.)

Four years later, somebody points out that you are completely failing to represent a significant segment of the potential gaming audience. In order to remedy this fairly glaring problem, do you see if there’s a potential female host as qualified as the current hosts, and then replace the least popular of them? If so, do you do this immediately, as soon as you’ve decided you’re going to have to make a change – or do you pretend everything’s fine, deceive the doomed presenter with your insincere “support”, and wait until the end of the season before doing sending him on his way? Or do you stick with the current hosts for as long as they want the jobs and the audience likes them, and tell the potential viewers you’ve abandoned to wait their turn? (Silly women, why do they insist on not being ignored? Don’t they trust us to get around to them eventually?)

Please direct all your fanboy outrage towards the new host, rather than the ABC management who actually fired Junglist.

Or do you use the fact that you’ve just got yourself a second show to start fixing the imbalance without firing anyone?

Note: if you pick the first option, be prepared to look like absolute bastards.

ELSEWHERE: Looks like they’re going to ban every bloody game I was looking forward to this year.

UPDATE (2/11): It’s still going, but ABC management are hoping to starve the story of oxygen by refusing to comment further.


13 responses to “It’s political correctness gone mad!

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  2. More evidence of ABC left wing political correctness bias. You should inform Andrew Bolt of this post haste!

  3. Management showing complete utter madness. Looking like absolute bastards is spot on. Where’s the incentive for the next generation of TV shows?

  4. err, wot I said at the other place.

    ABC have handled this badly — alienating the established audience in order to chase an wider audience that may be illusory.

    I’m not a girl, but Bajo and Junglist didn’t seem like the most alienating of hosts, gender-wise.

    Heaps of women watch Top Gear, and those hosts are more sexist and laddish than Bajo or Junglist.

    Junglist is a champ, I think the reaction to his dumping shows that he has a lot of good will stored up out there in gamerland. I will keep an eye out for his next gig.

  5. PC gone mad, htf can someone be sacked based on their gender? Fuck you ABC

  6. RobJ says (for some reason WordPress won’t let him post here from his work):

    “I think a spin off show for kids is a great idea, this is where Hex should have started.

    Anyone remember the time GG went to the Children’s Hospital? Junglist was awesome, he treated all the kids with the dignity and respect they deserved, he’s a compassionate, articulate bloke, he’s an excellent presenter IMO.

    He apopped up as a talking head on PM the other week, talking about censorship, I note that PM sought his opinion, not Bajo’s, I’ve got nothing against Bajo but I prefer Junglist.”

  7. interesting

  8. What a fucking joke….

    The abc management, or whoever is responsible for this decision are retarded.

    And if they were gonna get a girl to host what happened to Rei? Not blonde and anglo enough? (Left wing bias my arse…)

    Seriously this is fucked. Junglist made that show worth watching. My wife even watches it – shes not a gamer.

    Anyway the show seemed to be fairly trustworthy (being it reviews commercial products), and worked cos of the hosts obvious love for what they were doing, and their chemistry.

    And its the most downloaded abc show …

    The abc have a new media success so their first response is to fuck up what made it successful.

    Obviously no one running any mainstream media organisation has any clue about anything to do with the media as it is today… (Did they ever? That is a fair question too.)

  9. We don’t know the full story on this. It sounds like there are gag orders on people telling the full story on this issue. I think there is more to this story than what we’re reading…my experience in IR tells me this.

  10. Personally, I think it’s hysterical that this being spun as an attempt to ‘increase market share’ (unwritten assumption: female viewers)
    Really? So girls are only going to be interested in reviews by other girls? What rot.
    But what hasn’t been mentioned – and sight unseen, I have no idea what style or insight Steph could bring to GG; what I fear though, is that they’re looking to sex the show up, a la G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’.
    In which case you can piss all those potential female viewers up against the wall – hey, I *like* Olivia Munn, but do we really need an Oz version of her? (I’m presuming quite a lot, obviously; however I think I’m not 100% off the mark here. And for good or ill, sexing the show up usually increases overall ratings and chances or exporting to overseas markets…

    Too cynical?

  11. “We don’t know the full story on this. ”

    This is true, we do know however that Junglist is an articulate presenter who gives consistent reviews. We do know that his demise has upset a lot of viewers (including me).. Also we’d all be aware that upper management are actually TWATS who don’t understand the saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”.

    No doubt individually these upper managers are talented people, but they aren’t at the coal face, they’re too far removed to be useful…

    “sexing the show up usually increases overall ratings and chances or exporting to overseas markets…”

    And there’s me thinking that the ABC didn’t need to be overly concerned about ratings, next they’ll be claiming that advertising can increase their revenue and they’d be right but then so would Alan of Sydney who regularly shrieks “Privatise the ABC”!

  12. One of the big issues with the abc and its board stacked with commercial media twats is that every time something new and original (and GG wasn’t that new and original really, it says more about how blinkered managements thinking is,) comes along with a potential commercial market, they dumb it down, in the hope of flogging it off to commercial tv.

    That seems to be happening here.

    What made the show work was the relationship between the presenters, who obviously had a rivalry going on (- that probably came from their gaming), but they were able to tanslate it onto the screen and doing the show. I dunno but it seems like they had a relationship that started before the show.

    The social aspect of gaming is a big part of it.

    GG captured that well, thats why it was so successful, considering its a TV show about gaming. (Why watch tv when you could be gaming…)

    Now it looks like its being fitted to a formula, so it’ll probably be sold.

  13. Gam and I used to watch GG. I didn’t feel unrepresented simply because there wasn’t a girl reviewing games. Since when does the presence of ovaries or testicles determine whether I can enjoy a show or not? The show worked. That anyone thought it could be improved by shafting one of the presenters and shifting in an appropriately attractive female presenter shows just how out of touch the ‘commercial minds’ behind the decision are with the demographic of the show- female viewers included. They’re middle-aged idiots who’ve probably never played anything released since the introduction of Pong.

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