It’s very suspicious

Why do kittehs who’ve been sitting still for hours at a time, always insist on moving the second a camera lens is aimed in their direction?

09-10-27 max sun 001
This is a lovely sunny spot I’ve found. I could enjoy it all da… hang on. What’s he pointing at me?

09-10-27 max sun 004
It’s a bloody camera! ABORT! ABORT! Doesn’t the fool know that the CIA are after me?

Clearly, every cat in the world has something to hide.


2 responses to “It’s very suspicious

  1. They’re just concerned that you’ll turn them into a lolcat. Quite sensibly, too. I hate those things.

  2. I also love how he’s shoved into the smallest possible space between two piles of clothes when there’s plenty of space on that bed not occupied by clothes. Also, the fact that he’s getting cat-hair all over our bloody clothes and instead of moving him, you go to get the camera to take a picture.

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