Monthly Archives: September 2009

It’s not their race that worries the regulator, it’s the nasty, oppressive, overly-powerful government to which they’re attached

A Liberal party donor who was apparently hoping for some sweet Chinese cash that may not now be coming, comes out swinging:

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer has launched a scathing attack on the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), labelling it racist.

Australia’s foreign investment regulator has expressed a desire to cap the level of Chinese investment in local projects.

Is any action directed at limiting efforts by a particular aggressive foreign government to control national resources “racist”? Or is considering these issues entirely reasonable, and just what every government – including the Chinese government – does? Does the Liberal Party actually advocate something different, or do they agree with the Government – in which case, does Mr Palmer think they’re “racist”, too, and will he be withdrawing his support?

PS You can see how Mr Palmer made his billions: with shining wit like this, who could resist his business overtures?

“I must say to the Treasurer Wayne Goose, Wayne Swan – I knew he was a water fowl of some description – I object to that as an Australian citizen too,” he said.

It’s funny because the name “Swan” has another meaning.