The most important civil rights fight of our generation – SATURDAY 1PM FEDERATION SQUARE

National Day Of Action For Marriage Equality Saturday 1 August 2009

A clear majority of Australians support equal rights for our gay and lesbian brethren and, uh, sisthren.

And yet only one party in parliament, the Greens, is willing to stand up and demand that full equality in law.

It’s about time that changed.

And tomorrow, while the supposedly progressive party in government that insists on maintaining the discrimination holds its national conference and tries very hard to ignore the issue, you, and I, and every other fair-minded Australian, can make a stand.

This is our generation’s most important civil rights fight. This isn’t just discrimination that continues in spite of the government’s efforts – this is discrimination that still stands in Federal legislation. The only way for it to be changed is for the politicians to realise that the noisy fundamentalists who flood their offices every time they even sneeze the word “equality” do not represent us. That it’s time they voted for full marriage equality. The bill is already proposed. All they have to do is do the right thing and support it.

Make your voice heard by coming out tomorrow and being counted.

I’ll be there. I hope you will be too.

More coverage from Keri, Blogocrats, Gutter Trash, and Rodney Croome.

Croome has a list of National Conference delegates’ email addresses and suggested points to make – if you can take ten minutes to send a group email letting them know that you’re one of the majority of Australians who think it’s time we had full marriage equality, it would seriously help undermine the claim of the bigots to represent “the silent majority”.


29 responses to “The most important civil rights fight of our generation – SATURDAY 1PM FEDERATION SQUARE

  1. Good one Jeremy. Glad to hear it 🙂

  2. I’ll be there. Will Keri?

  3. This is our generation’s most important civil rights fight.

    Really? I agree entirely with equal rights for homosexuals, and I think the arguments against gay marriage are complete and utter shite, and I also think that it’s worthwhile trying to push this issue along. Having said that, surely this issue wouldn’t even make a top 20 of the most pressing civil rights (or other) issues of our generation.

  4. THR

    I understand what you mean.

    From another perspective it’s not so much about granting something that’s (supposedly, or at least the conservatives would have us believe – a privilege) it’s more about ending discrimination – and treaty one minority group in Australia as second class citizens.

    Imagine if Rudd said that he didn’t believe that black people should be allowed to get married?

    There would be a huge outcry.

    The idea that people should only be able to get married if they have – 1 penis plus 1 vagina – is just so archaic.

    But unfortunately, that’s the level that these people are operating on.

  5. Yip.

    As long as my head doesn’t explode, as it’s been threatening to do for the past few days.

    THR – I have a feeling trying to come up with a “Top 20 Civil Rights Movement” list would be a bit like trying to catalog the best 20 films of all time or something – you’re not going to please everyone, and we’d all have a different list – with some similarities.

  6. THR – there are other issues, but this is the most major one where the government is deliberately and positively discriminating against a group. And where it’s incredibly easy to fix – just take out the parts in the Marriage Act that specify gender.

    Other issues of civil rights to do with homelessness and poverty and racism are more to do with neglect than active bastardry.

    I think they’re all important.

  7. Same sex couples are told by the government, that they are now protected under law.,But same sex couples are still second class citizens as they are treated the same as heterosexual couples financially in Tax and Centrelink, though without the same rights as heterosexual couples.

  8. confessions

    “just take out the parts in the Marriage Act that specify gender.”

    There was discussion about this at PB the other day, and the conclusion was that because this is (somehow, pls don’t ask me how) prescribed in the constitution only the high court can rule on changing the definition of marriage. Parliament can pass laws, but it could always be overturned in the High Court.

    Discussion starts here:

  9. confessions

    I should add that i don’t know what the legal or constitutional issues are. If what is required is more complex than just removing gender from the marriage act then that brings the high court into the equation – an unknown quantity as at least with parliament we the voting public know who the wingnuts are!

    I raise this simply as a talking point rather than something i am personally knowleable of.

  10. I dob’t believe the Constitution says anything about marriage other than that its regulation is one of the powers of the Commonwealth. It certainly doesn’t define it.

  11. confessions

    then that is a relief. If there is legislative change then the last thing same sex couples would need is to be constantly wondering whether their marriage could be overturned by the high court!

  12. I’d be there if I wasn’t flying out of the country.

    What concerns me is the number of gay people I know who’ve taken a “meh” attitude to this and just aren’t interested in going.


  13. Lynda Hopgood

    In Adelaide, there is a march from Parliament House to Adelaide Uni, after which they will have a Pride BBQ.

    11.00am is the time to be at PH – looks like the turn-out will be pretty good … providing the weather stays fine.

    However, if Fred Nile’s efforts to sabotage Mardi Gras are any indication, I suspect “God” will continue to smile upon the queer community 😉

  14. From the text messages I am getting, I think the turnout today in Sydney will be huge. I will be filming and will have a clip up on youtube later tonght.

    Allow gay marriage!

  15. I have been set up and framed in the NSW adt by those who back your cause. I am not a homopobic and never will accept this. I do not care evn if I am put in prison. If so i will be a political prisoner. Those who took me to the ADT abused the law as those who back these events

    This is all I will sya to you mob as i hvae a supreme court case coming up in NSW which I will fight. If I loose I am being framed

    People like Fred Nile and Jim Wallace are the treu hoeross of todays society for standing up agaisnt this wickedness that you lot are committing

    I refuse to change and have nothing else to say to you lot

    John C.Sunol
    go to the Collier vs Sunol case with the ADT or to my enemies. I dedicate my life to attacking this wickedness and bringing it down

  16. There is a coming Beast of Revelations, The Bible is s100% correct and litteral, In the end times the world will be ruled by a one world government which will be from the left wing of poltics, possibly democratic socialist gone mad. You must accept jesus Christ as your saviour and the only one God, or you will not like what is going to come to you when Gods wrath hits the earth, whcih is is going to hit and hit hard.

  17. Jesus Christ. The crank has found his way over here.

    Sunol, you have no justification for expecting governments to discriminate against gay people. Hold whatever religious views you like; they should never be imposed on others.

    Get stuffed.

  18. Due to coming up court cases in the NSW supreme court, I refuse to debate on any issue to do with sexuality or sexual preference as it could be used against me by those who want to commit fraud and state that I am a homopobe, fare from this I am just as much against gay hate crime as you, but I take the side of a good 80-90% of the worlds poeple who are not aware of the wickedness happening in the name of left wing poltiics. The one world coming and otherss about it. I intend to dedicate my life to expose this.

  19. There’s nothing “wicked” about being gay, you silly bigot.

  20. I am not going to waste my time being on August 1st to Marriage equality as this is not marriage equality, it is wickedness in the eyes of God and will bring Gods wrath to Australia. I will say nothing else on this as I have a major supreme court case coming up in Sydney which I have to fight, It is not to my advantage to go to this as I would only get into arguments. ‘

    I would rather disseminate information online and through other sources to counter act this wickedness

    John Christopher sunol

  21. You are wicked evil people, You are having the March in Sydney on the 1st of August, the same day as the CDP (FredNiles) conference so you do not get any opposition. I am dedicate dto find out and let them know as I am complertly opposed to this conference and dedicated to bring down the issues that it is on.

  22. Four comments telling me you’re not going to debate the issue. Bravo.

  23. John,

    The idea of a ‘one-world government’ is a conspiracy theory beloved of carckpots who blame the world’s ills on Jews, Masons, and lizard men. Fundamentalist Protestants (among others) are particularly vulnerable to this sort of nonsense, as their theology is utter shite, and their understanding of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ is childlike, and totally externalised (i.e. blame the wicked leftists).

    I suggest yo get some fresh air, or drink some nice vino, or do whatever you need to in order to clear your mind of these cobwebs.

  24. Heny is now dead, the case will be finished and you lot loose once and for all.

    I lost over $60,000 stolen by those who want to put out this wicked pre-cendents.

    God has taken the person who wanted to do this and now Henry is facing the Lord under His wrath.

    That is all I will say

  25. Fred Phillips

    “That is all I will say”


  26. John Sunol can NEVER shut up! 🙂 Also, most of his comments here are skating very close to contempt, in my opinion!

  27. hahaha…John…you’re a hoot. Fred Nile is a hero? Try he’s a homophobic tool.

  28. Rods opinion is not the law, He is has no authority to consider me of contempt, If he thinks that is what you want in front of the law.


    also lobby to get me out of the publci and to do that buster you will need to get my taxi accrediatation and authority cancelled

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