Fine or not, ugh

There appear to be an increasing number of things we need to go over with a “fine toothcomb” before signing. (Did you know if you have an accident and your car is written-off by your insurance company a month after you paid for a year’s cover, most such companies consider that policy cancelled and you receive no credit for the remaining eleven months?)

I’m a lawyer. I check these things regularly, and I’ve never even seen a toothcomb of any sort. In fact, they look like they’d be singularly unhelpful for picking through fine print.

From this fine toothcomb, no cunningly concealed clause is safe.

I shall have a look at a legal memorabilia shop to see if I can pick one up, but I’m not optimistic.

A fine-tooth comb might make a bit more sense, but still.


4 responses to “Fine or not, ugh

  1. That comb looks a bit dangerous! Are they your pubes stuck on the black part of the comb?

  2. You should see the picture when you’re talking about a cockscomb, SB.

  3. philbert83au

    Here in the ACT (and probably in other states too) if a CTP claim is made against you, and you’re at fault (hence the claim I guess) and probably broke a road rule…the insurer can recover the money they had to pay out on the claim from you.
    Why bother with insurance really!
    And you won’t see that in the policy documents, it’s buried in legislation usually.

  4. Those are very lovely healthy doggy teeth. I commend the owner of that well looked after dog. 🙂

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