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The most important civil rights fight of our generation – SATURDAY 1PM FEDERATION SQUARE

National Day Of Action For Marriage Equality Saturday 1 August 2009

A clear majority of Australians support equal rights for our gay and lesbian brethren and, uh, sisthren.

And yet only one party in parliament, the Greens, is willing to stand up and demand that full equality in law.

It’s about time that changed.

And tomorrow, while the supposedly progressive party in government that insists on maintaining the discrimination holds its national conference and tries very hard to ignore the issue, you, and I, and every other fair-minded Australian, can make a stand.

This is our generation’s most important civil rights fight. This isn’t just discrimination that continues in spite of the government’s efforts – this is discrimination that still stands in Federal legislation. The only way for it to be changed is for the politicians to realise that the noisy fundamentalists who flood their offices every time they even sneeze the word “equality” do not represent us. That it’s time they voted for full marriage equality. The bill is already proposed. All they have to do is do the right thing and support it.

Make your voice heard by coming out tomorrow and being counted.

I’ll be there. I hope you will be too.

More coverage from Keri, Blogocrats, Gutter Trash, and Rodney Croome.

Croome has a list of National Conference delegates’ email addresses and suggested points to make – if you can take ten minutes to send a group email letting them know that you’re one of the majority of Australians who think it’s time we had full marriage equality, it would seriously help undermine the claim of the bigots to represent “the silent majority”.