When it all it takes is to start a meme

That didn’t go very well.

He picked the wrong target!

Oh well, it was a two-pronged attack, he can go after the other one.

Nah, too late.

It’s too late?

Yeah, the moment’s been lost.

The moment’s been lost?

This is going to damage his leadership.

Why’s it going to damage his leadership?

It was a misjudgment.

Yeah, I gather it’s going to damage his leadership.

Actually, his position is becoming insupportable.

It is?

Yeah, his leadership is damaged, people are talking about whether the party’s going to have to replace him.

When would they do that?

A good question – when’s it going to happen?

Given that he’s on the way out.

Of course he’s on the way out, his leadership is permanently tarnished.

And I’ve heard people talking about how he might need to be replaced.

All the talk is distracting people away from the real issues.

Until he’s replaced, all this talk is just helping shield the Government from scrutiny. He’s becoming a liability.

Imagine having gone from such a minor mistake to needing to be replaced in a week!

Just goes to show what a poor leader he is.

* * * * *

Hello, this is Australia Poll. What are your feelings on the subject of Malcolm Turnbull?

Well I’ve been reading in the paper all week that that ute thing went very badly for him.

So on a scale of one to five, one being don’t approve, five being approve, how would you rate his performance?

He’s got everyone saying he’s got to go, so one I suppose.

* * * *

Do you think he can survive? After all, in the scheme of things, attacking the PM prematurely is hardly unexpected for an Opposition leader.

Not if these poll results are any guide – voters think he’s an idiot.

He’s got to go. Talk to you soon – I’ve got a column to write.


2 responses to “When it all it takes is to start a meme

  1. You have to choose between Bob Brown and Malcolm Turnbull.

    Who would you choose?

  2. Bob Brown, easy. Also between Bob Brown and Kevin Rudd. And Bob Brown and pretty much any other politician in the parliament.

    Now give me a tough one.

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