Pictures to look at before dinner

Moral test time. Would you dare to defend this barbarism in the flimsy guise of “brutally blowing the head off someone who smuggles heroin SAVES LIVES!11!”? Or “when they chose to carry a prohibited substance on their person, they should’ve expected some psychopath with a gun would fire it into their skull with such force that the entire top half disappears.”

If you said “yes”, you sicken me.

Meanwhile, if you have the stomach to click through to the images, how many bloodthirsty thugs with guns does China need just to slaughter a handful of prisoners?


19 responses to “Pictures to look at before dinner

  1. Kind of makes the PM’s fluency in Mandarin seem less impressive, doesn’t it?

  2. Can’t view the pictures. Too traumtic I would guess but I don’t think blowing someone’s head off is OK.

  3. I’m glad dinner’s already half digested

  4. Jesus.

  5. Mmmmm.
    So disgusted you had to pass it on J?

  6. I mean seriously is it any news that the Chinese execite people by shooting them in the back of the head?
    They have been doing it for decades and before that they used to use a big sword and decapitate them.
    How the hell do you think it looks when they do that?
    A nice little hole in the base of the skull and some blood oozing out of the lips? Or praps like Get Smart where there is no blood at all?
    Left wing totalitarianism is not a pretty sight Jeremy. Of all people you should realise that.
    You must have known that they do this Jeremy, but only now, (under the pretence of disgust) that you have the photos to show , do you make a complaint.

  7. And yet you’re the one objecting to it.

    And I love that you call this “left wing” totalitarianism. I’m sorry, which side of politics pushes the “War on Drugs”? And which side is constantly being smeared as being “too soft” on the subject?

    I “passed this on” because that’s what you do when you see something appalling and outrageous – you don’t simply sweep it under the carpet.

  8. Would you dare to defend this barbarism in the flimsy guise of “brutally blowing the head off someone who smuggles heroin SAVES LIVES!11!”

    Well, I’m sure our government would not. I’m sure the PM will try to save the lives of the Bali 9 condemned to death.

    But as long as they’re not Australian.

    And our condemnation would slightly endanger our economic prosperity.

  9. Slightly endanger our economic prosperity?

    Excuse a drunk.

  10. Curiously, ‘James’ posted near-identical comments at the blog of a certain J.F. somebody or other. At that blog, he was calling himself Jimbo. Methinks he is a troll/stalker who’s ineptly trying to sockpuppet.

  11. He is. He’s changed IPs since last time which is how he got through without being moderated.

  12. So do us evil westerners propose to dictate how the Chinese carry out their sentences in accordance with their own laws?

    Barbaric it is…but it is their own laws. And we have no right to dictate to them about how they effect their laws.

    You don’t like it??? Then start a movement to eradicate drug smuggling/usage in China. Unless you want to invade that is…that could also change the law….

  13. Capital punishment is reprehensible in all circumstances but, given the choice, I’d rather get half my head blown off than be hanged from the gallows.

    Jeremy, have you ever seen the results of a hanging or electric chair?
    It’s thrice as gruesome as what you’ve linked to with the same net effect.

    If you’re condeming capital punishment, I’m standing right there beside you.
    If you’re saying that China is more brutal than other countries that kill their citizens, then you’re on your own!

    Btw, has Honduras escaped your attention?
    Though not nearly as gruesome, we got photos as well.

    I know SB will never forgive you for defending a Leftist government, but I reckon it’s worth raising a bit of awareness of how the right wing are consistently anti-democratic when they think nobody is watching.


  14. I’m condemning all capital punishment.

  15. Ah well. That’s apex Socialism for you.

  16. By “socialism” you lot usually mean governments heavily taxing in order to fund public services, so no, that’s got socialism at all – that’s tyrannical totalitarianism.

  17. 20th C history shows “tyrannical totalitarianism” = apex socialism.

    So we agree.

    Heavy taxes etc etc is a symptom of Western soft socialism and not at all what I was referring to. I’m a fan of the welfare state.

  18. Or to put it another way:

    Oh well. That’s Cultural Materialism for you.

  19. I’m not a proponent on the war on drugs and I sympathise with poor peasants desperate enough to smuggle drugs. I also know that drug dealers are a scourge on any society and that junkies have no conscience when wreaking devastation in order to get their supply.

    Just as a side note, interesting that when America wreaks war on Asia, heroin supply goes rampant.

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