Nothing better I could have done with that time

I’m pretty terrible at anniversaries, and forgot to note that Friday was five years since this blog started (as Melbourne Lefty).


I didn’t even get it a present. I am the worst blogger ever.


16 responses to “Nothing better I could have done with that time

  1. Any way to see the original Melbourne Lefty?

  2. Not really – it was deleted. (As I pointed out the other day – certain organisations have a real problem with their employees expressing political views publicly.)

    I saved the month archives, but I can’t really upload them in that form.

  3. Happy Birthday 🙂

  4. Jeremy wasn’t the real problem with the first incarnation of your blog that you were a little indiscreet about happenings in your workplace?
    None the less keep on blogging 🙂

  5. No. It was that I didn’t hide who my employer was.

  6. Well done, Jeremy. That’s, like, 100 in blog years.

  7. Congrats Jeremy – was that the original blog where ;;;; Hall first pretended to be a woman?

  8. Well done Jeremy, happy anniversary.

  9. Congrats Jeremy.

  10. Congrats. Five more years? Ten? :O

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  12. No, Jeremy. I’d say that this is your 3rd personal blob and that’s it’s been alive only for a few months. Sure, you’ve been blobbing for 5 years, blobby, but that’s different, isn’t it? Why bignote yourself? I call for a list of your accomplishments.

  13. IT’s the same thing, just at different addresses. There’s been continuity between each.

  14. Lynda Hopgood

    Happy 5th Birthday!

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