Conroy does it again

Long-time readers of this site will be aware of my antipathy over what Ebay has become, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to read about Senator Conroy’s plan to block it from Australians:

The Federal Government has now set its sights on gamers, promising to use its internet censorship regime to block websites hosting and selling video games that are not suitable for 15 year olds.

…a spokesman for Senator Conroy confirmed that under the filtering plan, it will be extended to downloadable games, flash-based web games and sites which sell physical copies of games that do not meet the MA15+ standard.

Isn’t that wonderful? I’m sure Australians will be more than happy to lose access to eBay, Amazon, and any other overseas commerce sites that won’t be bothered reorganising themselves just to pander to the pitifully small Australian market.

Good luck with that, Stephen.


18 responses to “Conroy does it again

  1. Never thought I’d say this, but if they support this and the liberal party does not I’m voting for the liberal party in the next election

  2. Mobius Ecko

    A Labor local council member in Wollongong. Bob Proudfoot, is lobbying hard and making a lot of noise to have the Federal government crack down on all porn that can be accessed by anyone under 18. If what I gleaned from the WIN news piece I saw is correct then pornography includes any picture of a naked person no matter what the context.

    He is demanding there be a blanket ban on access to all pornography, no shades, with a universal opt in system where those opting in will need to prove someone under 18 cannot see the opt in content.

    Labor really have lost me on this one, and if I knew the Liberals would be more sensible then they would get my support.

  3. It’s gone from insane to… er… batshit insane?

  4. Mike, mobius – wouldn’t bet on it. They wanted a filter too.

    One more reason to vote for the Greens.

  5. Bat shit insane.

    How can anyone, anywhere, think this is a good idea?

  6. So a whole site will be blocked because some of its wares will not be MA15+? And they’re in no hurry to allow a R18+ rating for gamers either.

    This is crazy, Labor sux. Major vote changer for me.

  7. The real problem is that the government thinks it should block sites at all. Even worse is that this that this is done in secret. Even the list of blocked sites is censored.

    For the last ten or fifteen years since the internet became popular we have gotten along quite nicely without this form of censorship. In fact, the internet seems to have made it easier to locate and track people doing really bad stuff like kiddie porn.

    As always, lurking in the background is some jumped up politician who just knows, in the shallow depths of his shriveled soul, what is good for us. It is an attack on human dignity to be told by some officious fool what we can and can’t look at.

    This is a case where there is no upside whatsoever. It is an abuse of power purely for the sake of the ego of a megalomaniac politician.

  8. Malone concluded: “This is the worst Communications Minister we’ve had in the 15 years since the [internet] industry has existed.”

    Michael Malone,
    Managing Director,

  9. This guy is such a fuckwit. Maybe instead of this he should hurry the fuck up and allow R18+ games in Australia.

    Or better yet how about parents get their butts into gear and take care of their own children instead of demanding the government do it for them.

  10. The R18+ Conroy stupidity will stop when business pockets are affected more…

  11. I’m a parent and I’m not demanding anything. I can monitor my own childs internet use thank you very much. Can you find someone else to blame please lets say for example the cretins in the ALP. Don’t think for a moment the Liberals will be much better. They may vote against the legislation but they are no shining lights where civil liberties are concerned.

    If you really want a fresh alternative then its time to look at independants or the Greens.

    But let me just get this right. Controy reckons he can ban me an adult from buying games over the internet? Is this correct?

  12. Labor party is a joke

  13. While Labor policy on internet filtering is fully stupid and under any other circumstances would cause people to vote Liberal, think for just one New York Minute about Australia under Turnbull.

    There, now you’ve come to your senses…

    Criticism of the policy has to be shifted off Conroy. This is Rudd’s idea and he has to be made to own it, particularly when campaign season ramps up again.

  14. “Never thought I’d say this, but if they support this and the liberal party does not I’m voting for the liberal party in the next election”

    MikeC, spare us the theatrics. So many times you hear people on talkback radio preface a comment with something like that and it is usually a liberal stooge in camouflage.

    Conroy may be a dunce and this issue very important but another term of the crooked Liberals would be a disaster right now.

  15. I’m not a liberal stooge, I was very happy to see Howard go.

    I’d vote for the greens, but they have no chance of winning in my safe liberal seat. All it’d do is send the preferences to the labour candidate.

    But with even the family first senator being against it (the only time I’ve ever been glad he was elected) I’m really doubting it’ll get passed.

  16. Does anyone know what the Liberal policy on this is??? I searched their website but could not find a definitive answer so I submitted a request for information regarding it. Personally, this is a vote changing issue for me because once implemented the odds of it being subsequently removed are remote. The issues being raised now are only the tip of the iceberg of what will happen if this is passed.

    On this issue I am not partisan – Labor will not get my vote unless they bin this attempt to nanny the adult population.

  17. “I’d vote for the greens, but they have no chance of winning in my safe liberal seat. All it’d do is send the preferences to the labour candidate.”

    What? How?

    If you vote 1 for the Greens, you can vote 2 for whoever you like. You can vote 2 for the Liberals if you want. You can put Labor last. You can do whatever you want.

    The only time that the Greens’ preferences would be out of your hands would be if you voted 1 above the line in the Senate, because that activates a ticket. (As it does for all parties.)

    That’s the problem with the Senate voting system – at present you are permitted to either (a) laboriously number all seventy or eighty boxes; or (b) trust your preferences to one of the parties by marking above the line. As Labor demonstrated when it gave its preferences to Fundies First in 2001 instead of the Greens and gave us Stephen Fielding, that can have unexpected results.

    We should have preferencing above the line, where you can number 1 Greens 2 Democrats 3 Labor 4 Liberals or whatever – preferences without going into the details of seventy or eighty candidates. The Greens have been pushing for it for years; the major parties, who quite like getting to control people’s votes, constantly oppose it.

  18. Oops, forgot about that. Then again, I’m in such a safe liberal seat I’m not sure it’d make that much difference either way.

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