Doubting Malcolm

I kind of feel bad for poor Malcolm Turnbull. Who knew that accusing the Prime Minister of misleading parliament on the basis of an email you claimed you’d seen but hadn’t actually checked up on could eventually cause you problems?

Not exactly the News Ltd coverage he was hoping for.

It’s like when we were playing poker last week and Malcy proudly declared to the group that he had a royal flush and we would all have to pay up. He was extremely put out when Davo said “hang on a second, I’ve got four kings, how is that possible?” and the rest of us demanded that the T-Bull show us his cards. “I don’t have to show you my cards!” he cried. “I am co-operating with the AFP investigation as to my hand and it is premature to release anything before they have finished. I’m going home.” And he flounced out of the room citing a prior engagement.

It just seems to happen to him all the time. No matter what ludicrously outlandish claim he makes, people keep asking for evidence to support it. No-one just takes him at his increasingly implausible word any more.

Which is all a bit sad.

I mean, if you can’t trust the Leader of the Opposition, who can you trust?

21 responses to “Doubting Malcolm

  1. Yes, it’s all about the email. Forget about Godwin Gretch putting his career on the line, and the evidence he gave. His boss and the Labour Senators were right in trying to stop him giving evidence.

    Yes, if the email is fake we can forget about whether Rudd’s little mate got favours from Treasury, and we can forget about whether Swan or Rudd fibbed to parliament.

    Pssst! Today’s talking point: “It’s all about the email”. Pass it along.

  2. Evidence, SB, evidence. It is usually required when making sweeping accusations and asking for the resignation of the Prime Minister and Treasurer.

  3. Evidence is what Godwin Gretch gave to the Senate estimates committee. Evidence is what his boss and ALP Senators tried to stop him giving.

    That evidence is being studiously ignored by the government in the hope that if they focus on the email, all this will go away.

    Neither the government nor the opposition have covered themselves in glory on this.

    Gretch’s career is effectively over and this, sadly, will be a salutary lesson to all public servants.

  4. SB, that’s testimony, not evidence. Evidence is fact. Testimony supports fact, but doesn’t comprise it.


    “Mr Grech has been questioned by the federal police about the fake email.

    “Preliminary results of those forensic examinations indicate that the e-mail referred to at the centre of this investigation has been created by a person or persons other than the purported author of the e-mail,” the Australian Federal Police said in a statement.

    The interview with Mr Grech was consistent with these findings, police said. The investigation is continuing.

    Senior sources believe that Mr Grech’s role in the affair is more complicated than previously thought.”

    Evidence that the e-mail was faked found at the home of the person whose testimony first sparked the allegations and you’re not the slightest bit suspicious, SB?

    Remind me to tell you about the wonderful Ponzi investment opportunity I’m thinking of setting up.

  5. Interesting. I hadn’t caught up with that.

    Still Grech gave evidence. He testified to certain facts having occurred. Evidence isn’t facts. It something which tends to support or deny the existence of facts. Thus when a witness says they saw or heard something, it is evidence, but not necessarily proof that something occurred.

    At the moment we have little more than some very interesting statements, and a good deal of obfuscation.

  6. Well SB, Gretch was having trouble remembering – and no wonder, the email was a fake.

    It would have been quite miraculous if he’d seen it.

  7. I felt sorry for Grech. He seemed under a lot of pressure. He was uncertain in his recollection of the email, but not about other matters.

    I guess the existence of the email was always unlikely. Public servants are quite aware of the permanence of emails, and would usually handle something like what was alleged to have occurred on the phone or in person.

  8. Malcopop is a lawyer and should understand what does constitute evidence. It’s a bad look Malcy, and does not contribute to his reputation. I think it is quite possible John Grant got a phone call from Wayne Swan which other car dealers did not get, but otherwise recieved no preferential treatment.

    Despite the most partisan reporting the LimitedNews can muster I feel Malcopop will have credibility issues from now on.

  9. ‘Evidence that the e-mail was faked found at the home of the person whose testimony first sparked the allegations and you’re not the slightest bit suspicious, SB?’

    I don’t see Grech implicated at this stage. There was nothing that the fake email was found at his home.

  10. thevoiceofreason

    Malcolm is revealing himself as the dirty cheat (typical banker) I thought he was. He wont last long.

  11. I would so dearly love for this to escalate, culminating in Turnbull’s resignation. It would be the best backfire ever.

  12. Who would the Liberals be left with? Julie Bishop?

  13. “Who would the Liberals be left with? Julie Bishop?”

    You hear that sound? You feel the bowells of the earth moving and the ground tremmoring??

    Behold – Peter cometh!!!!!!

  14. The Liberals didn’t even need to pursue this. They were making up ground arguing about the ETS, Labor Debt, the stimulus spending, etc….

    Bad judgement from Malcolm but I think this is a classic case of the majority of Australians blatently not giving a fuck and instead the professional watcher class (including journos) getting themselves into a tizz because they think it’s important and they can trade conspiracy theory’s. Maybe the journo’s are just having post-costello spasms!

    I don’t think anyone will lose their job here. Ego’s may be bruised but I get the distinct feelings that most Australians don’t like this sort of much-ado-about-nothing.

  15. Yeah, but even that won’t help Malcolm, since he’s the one who brought it up.

  16. It’s all pretty weird – where the hell did the forged email come from??

    Grech had it at his house, sent from his work comp.

    Early thoughts were that Grech was just repeating rumours he’d heard around the office. Perhaps he got talking to Liberal types and hyped it up a bit to say that he’d seen the email. Maybe when the Libs ran with it, he decided he needed the email and mocked one up???

    Anyway, appalling judgement from Turnbull. But he obviously also had appalling advice from his staff.

    Recriminations all round in the Liberal party room, I’d say.

  17. I rekon its all down to Abott, setting up a shaft Turnbull process, now that Costello has gone Abott is well back in the running. Mark my words.

  18. Oh..and where did the email come from:-

    Paul Lindwall, an ex-Treasury official who worked with Turnbull until a few weeks ago, has links to Grech.

  19. sorry..just to qualify that..

    “The Punch reports that a former staffer to Malcolm Turnbull, Paul Lindwall is to be investigated by the AFP over links to the fraudulent email at the centre of the Utegate or Ozcar affair.”

    I’ll shut up now 😉

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