Lurgi Strikes Melbourne


I have a mild soreness in my throat, and slightly unsettled sinuses.

Clearly that means I have swine flu – the most dreadful malady known to mankind – and am 0.1% likely to die.

Stay away! Stay away!

I haven’t heard of this terrible disease being transmitted over the internet, but you can’t be too careful. Please delete your links to me and wear gloves and surgical masks if you must visit someone on my blogroll.

Farewell, my friends. I hope we shall speak again.

UPDATE: Max just sneezed. Oh god! My poor little kitten!

4 responses to “Lurgi Strikes Melbourne

  1. The H1N1 flu so far is relatively mild and responds to treatment. It affects fit young people as badly as it does the elderly. It started in the northern hemisphere’s spring, not winter. It is relatively easily transmitted between humans.

    All of this is very much like the Spanish flu when it first swept round the world. The Spanish flu then mutated, and killed millions of people.

    We really don’t want H1N1 to mutate. The best way of doing that is to stop it spreading as much as is humanly possible, and hope it blows over before it does any damage. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, alas, as it’s already basically out and uncontrolled. But the less it’s out there, the less chance it has to mutate. If a lid can be kept on it for a week or two, there’s a much better hope it’ll blow over.

    But still, it’s the job of the emergency medical authorities to consider the likelihood of the worst case and plan for it, in the hope that if they do it right, it won’t happen.

    That’s what I reckon, anyway. I’ve got no time for “we’re all gunna die!” hysteria, but I also think that there is actually more danger than it is fashionable at the moment to allow for.

  2. Oh Jesus, you mean the bloody thing has already crossed to kittens. Do you have a tiny little mask at hand?

    I mean, pussy might pass it on to mice and rats and then we will need the nano face covers that bloody Rudd has, I bet, not planned for. Bastard.

  3. Lynda Hopgood

    Some of the hysteria is OTT. I have friends who freak out every time someone near them sneezes. Not to mention those who are refusing to eat pork (don’t get me started).

  4. Marek Bage

    We really don’t want H1N1 to mutate.

    Right! That’s all I need to hear.

    Sorry Jeremy, you seem to be a nice guy and you have a great blog but none of that is worth the lives of me and my kin.

    C’mon folks, light the torches and sharpen the pitchforks, we gotta do what needs to be done!

    enters J Sear into Google Maps…….comes up with nothing!

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