Our real complaint

You know our whinge about the Prime Minister using the word “billion” last week? Well, he’s cheated:

But Grahame Morris, former chief of staff to John Howard, notes on Sky News that Rudd dares say it in Question Time because the ABC-provided footage cannot be used in political advertisements by the Liberals.

Which was of course the whole point of the tantrum we threw. Obviously the information in question was publicly-available and he’d referred to it several times – but not in an easy-to-take-out-of-context, smear-friendly form.

Damn you, Rudd, why won’t you perform our advertisements for us?

8 responses to “Our real complaint

  1. Why can’t footage of Parliament be used in ads? I would have thought that in deciding who we are going to elect to the parliament it is more relevant than any other footage.

    As to Morris’ comments, I think it is pretty piss weak that Rudd, Swan et al. are going to so much effort to stop the Liberals from putting together ads that include them mentioning the $315 billion deficit they are going to run up. If they are so ashamed of the deficit, why are they budgeting for it? Either make a case for your fiscal policy, or cop your right whack.

  2. I feel sorry for Rudd, dropped into this economic maelstrom…..now they want him to make a “billion dollar” meme? Although it would be fun to watch him rapping about cash, maybe throw in a few conservative “hot chicks”…

    But the real victims in all this are the banks. They will be forced to lend $300 billion, at interest, to the government. And all because of a financial crisis they had nothing to do with!

  3. See, what Rudd ought to do is throw more money at the problem. That’s what he ought to do. See?

  4. I think the apparent ruse to try to avoid saying “billion” between now and the next election is pretty damn silly.

  5. When will politicians realise that spin is their worst enemy? NSW Labor under Bob perfected the bullshit circus and now everyone is copying it. Goddamit…I would vote for a socialist if they spoke the truth (last sentence not binding under any circumstances)

  6. “When will politicians realise that spin is their worst enemy? NSW Labor under Bob perfected the bullshit circus and now everyone is copying it.”

    In fairness, that strategy has thus far netted NSW Labor two more terms than they deserved.

  7. Ha! This Lefty person is clearly a neo-liberal (whatever that is – but Great Leader assures me that it is a very bad thing to be).

  8. Jason Stokes

    Surely this comes under “fair use” if anything does?

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