Good thing the police checked


This is excellent…

They’re just jealous that she’s more famous than New Zealand.


WHOA! Although there was a shooting in Kings Cross last weekend, Clare Werbeloff wasn’t a witness.

Damnit! But she was “pretty”! We thought we’d found another right-wing hottie.

UPDATE: Original research and actual journalism that uncovered the con was by the blog mUmBRELLA. Another set of enthusiastic supporters who’ll be disappointed by the revelation that Our Clare is a shameless liar can be found here.

10 responses to “Good thing the police checked

  1. According to million-hits-per-month Bolt, Clare’s fame is the work of one man:

    It’s made her instantly famous, thanks largely to Tim Blair

  2. I *********ed over young Clare too. But to be fair, I was still kind of thinking of Tim at the same time.

    EDIT BY SITEOWNER: Sorry, “J.F. Beck” – that mental image was one step too far. And while we’re on the subject – Jesus, man. The depths you’ll sink to get yourself “hits”.

  3. The mumbrella link and Tim Blairs post have nothing to do with each other.

    Mumbrella claims shes part of some giant conspiracy to sell beer, when the more mundane truth is that she made it up because she wanted to be on TV.

  4. Ah, she’s a “metaphor”. For something or other.

  5. Hmm, xenophobia and it’s relationship to racist behaviour and violence, discrimination and the like. Australia did lurch wildly to the right under JWH’s watch, some may think it was deliberate.

    The terms ‘wog’ and ‘bogan’ are labels of varying offensiveness depending on the context. In the context of a ninemsn newsfeed, many would assume ‘wog’ would be offensive.

    I am led to believe the word ‘n*gger’ is extremely offensive to African Americans, however within the African American community, especially the yoof it is used. Similarly terms like ‘queer’, ‘wog’, ‘blackfella’ or ‘kardia’ get adopted as a badge of honour among some groups.

    What is the intent of the use of the word, and what is the likelihood of causing offence? What are the policies of major media organisations to potentially causing offence or fomenting acceptance of racism?

    Anyway ‘you label me you negate me’ applies here I reckon. During the Hawke / Keating years I used to work in central Australia in the tourism industry and nice middle class tourists from o/s often informed me that they thought Australia quite a racist place. lots of ‘quiet racism’, If there is a universal it is that it is easier to engender hatred and fear than love and tolerance, but a world overbrimming with hatred and fear is a far more unpleasant than it need be. To a degree we make the world we live in and I would rather live in a less hateful xenophobic world, we can only hope that ninemsn would rather live in that world too.

  6. I think the meaning of the word “wog” depends entirley on context. When I was in high school 4-5 years ago we used the word all the time in a completely non-malicious way. It was just a way to describe a person of mediterranean descent. It didn’t actually occur to us that it was rascist. We used it with our “wog” friends all the time and so did they. I know this is probably completely different to how it was 10 or more years ago. It;s interesting to note that her use of the word did come across as rascist.

  7. Does that mean that Jake has not seen enough? Also is the Glock 9 no longer awesome?

  8. Does making up ‘Beck’ quotes really do your argument any good? I’m not a fan o fhis but this sort of game tends to give people ammo to say that you are fraudulent. Are you fraudulent?

  9. You have some evidence that Jeremy is “making up ‘Beck’ quotes”? Or are you fraudulent?

  10. What, cemil? I didn’t write the “JF Beck” quote above. And I haven’t heard anything from the blogger “JF Beck” saying it’s not him. I know he pores over everything I write with a fine tooth-comb – surely if the above wasn’t him I’d have received an email or a comment on the subject. I haven’t.

    When someone prints comments from someone pretending to be me, I contact them and ask them to make it clear they’re not by me.

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