That’s the thing about a story with no detail – it gives less principled journalists/hacks an opportunity to let their imaginations go wild.

They don’t know whether the incident with Kevin Rudd and the plane that they’ve been shamelessly embellishing all week was Rudd simply making a civil complaint that turned out to be quite crushing to the woman in question solely because he was the PM, or whether it was the tyrannical spray they’d like to imagine.

Sanctimoniously opines one Herald Sun writer:

“Come on, we’ve all been guilty of giving someone behind the counter a serve,” said a talkback caller.

Speak for yourself, boor.

Clearly, that writer has never expressed annoyance in her life and is something close to a saint. But here’s a Herald Sun associate editor giving a poor overworked shop assistant such a serve that even his own son is embarrassed. Published in her very own paper, only last year.

I wonder why she didn’t write an outraged article about that.

ELSEWHERE: Scott at Pure Poison wonders at all the speculation.


2 responses to “Serves

  1. The fact that Rudd is a sanctimonious twerp gives this story some spice. The lack of details stems from Rudd’s silence. He was probably disappointed that the service didn’t include the specialties he enjoyed so much at Scores.

  2. He’s a jackass and a bully. She should have slapped him.

    As for the Oz media, don’t start me!

    I think that The Elephant Channel on YouTube captures it all with this one:

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