Meeting to fine beggars opened by prayer and reading from Bible

The inhuman proposed Alice Springs Town Council bylaws are now online (bylaws 57 and 71 are the critical ones).

Ironically, they opened the meeting that pushed them through to the next stage with A PRAYER, quoting from the New Testament, and a reading from the Book of Matthew. Sadly they appear to have completely missed Matthew 25:31-46

The email address to let them know what Australians think of laws to punish the most disadvantaged in the community – Title your email an official response to the proposed Public Places By-Laws and request a receipt from Council, and they won’t be able to just ignore it.

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6 responses to “Meeting to fine beggars opened by prayer and reading from Bible

  1. I find it a little odd that you think that’s ironic. It seemed perfectly in character to me…

    Oh, you meant ironic in terms of Jesus thoughts on the subject…

  2. Jeremy are you aware that most places in the world already have fines of this type? It’s hardly some new outrage. It’s stupid because such fines are never enforced, but it’s hardly some new insidious kind of facism.

  3. Obviously yes.

    And it should be objected to wherever it’s done.

    The fact that we do it in Victoria, for example, is as much an outrage as the fact that Alice Springs is considering it. Both deserve publicity. The point of highlighting the Alice Springs example right now is that it’s presently up for “public consultation”.

  4. It’s kind of like objecting to fines for Horse and Carriage infringements to be honest.

    They are never enforced. And if they tried to enforce them they couldn’t, since beggars cannot afford to pay fines, and don’t have addresses to have them mailed to anyway.

    It’s really one of the biggest non-issues you could possibly imagine.

  5. Did you read the link, Yobbo? As I explained, they are enforced – albeit inconsistently – with real effects.

    Even if they didn’t, if you have no intention of enforcing a law then TAKE IT OFF THE STATUTE BOOKS.

  6. heartsong/dinana

    If the bylaws are passed they will be enforced, at least and especially against the Indigenous population of Alice Springs. Maybe not consistently, if only because of the sheer difficultly of enforcing them, but they will be enforced.

    And Yobbo, having draconian laws on the statute book is scary even if those laws actually aren’t being enforced, because the potential for them to actually be enforced is always there. Which is why they should be taken OFF the books.

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