2DayFM sponsors encourage on-air child abuse; think you don’t care

Surely this can’t be the last word:

THE top-rating radio station 2Day FM and its owner, Austereo, are standing behind breakfast shock jock Kyle Sandilands after this week’s controversial lie detector stunt, as advertising executives said the incident was unlikely to cost the station sponsorships over the longer term…

Greg Fraser, an analyst with Fat Prophets, said Kyle and Jackie O were known for political incorrectness. ‘‘Advertisers may chose to temporarily remove their support but they would have a reasonable idea that this is what the show is about. And if they want that audience, the show is still delivering what they want, as abhorrent as it is.’’

From the website, these advertisers would appear to be Optus, Citibank and Aussie Home Loans. They’re the ones putting in the dollars behind this week’s child abuse and next week’s, well, who knows? Setting fire to a homeless man so the listeners can enjoy his agonised screams? What?

Seems like the only way to change this situation is for the COST side of the analysis these businesses have done to increase. Obviously the benefit for the advertisers is the custom of the dribbling morons who lap up 2DayFM’s cruel and vacuous garbage, and the cost, they figure, is at worst a minor reduction in sales from concerned Australians who’ll forget about it by next week.

Let’s hope they’re wrong.

UPDATE 2/8: Suspended indefinitely! Except for the fact that Sandilands’ management is claimed to have made the call, great news. Let’s hope there’s a real consequence and the next group of braindead DJs who think it’d be fun to interrogate teenagers live on air think twice.

UPDATE 4/8: And he’s lost his Channel 10 gig, too. And check out, via Darryl Mason, Kyle’s company logo:



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10 responses to “2DayFM sponsors encourage on-air child abuse; think you don’t care

  1. I wasn’t going to purchase any of those companies’ products in the foreseeable future anyway, so they won’t notice whether I am boycotting them.

    Sadly, outrage drives eyeballs, listeners and buzz as much as positive feedback and these guys don’t care as long as their ‘key demographics’ are being hit.

  2. I’m wondering how far the police (or whoever it is that was following the case up) will go – I guess we’ll find out in a month or so…?

  3. The most vile player in this whole drama is the mother of the fourteen year old.
    What piece of human detritus would claim to be concerned about her child and then use that child as bait?

    BTW, Have we heard from SB on this topic?

    Will the person who came to the defense of Corey Worthington also defend either 2-Day FM or the Mum?

    Why is it that our apostle of free speech disappears when the object of his affection behaves like a worthless slut?


  4. I agree – Kyle Sandilands is pure scum, obviously, but the mother is possibly even worse. From what the girl was saying just before she dropped the bombshell, the mother already knew the daughter had been raped. The mother forced her to go on the show, to “confess” her “crimes”, knowing her daughter had been raped – and probably hoping it would come out, for the attention. Raw sewage she is. That’s why so many teenagers are psychotic nowadays – their parents are soulless bastards and all their friends love Kyle Sandilands.

  5. Obviously the mother doesn’t believe that the kid was raped. She was hoping that under the “scrutiny” of the lie detector and the radio listeners that her daughter would finally “tell the truth”.

  6. Yes, she’s an idiot.

    Anyway, that’s a problem she’ll have to deal with privately.

    In terms of the public issue, I am most concerned about this sort of child abuse being encouraged by people holding a broadcasting license.

  7. I agree with Marek and Donovan regarding the child’s mother.

    I’m also wondering why I’m really only hearing calls for Sandilands to be sacked over this — I would’ve thought his co-host is equally culpable.

  8. Agreed Gavin. And let’s not forget the production crew. Unless things have changed dramatically the producers and production assistants play a large part in what goes to air.

  9. somemichaelhudson

    I hear his contract with Australian Idol was worth one million.

    Let’s hope Channel Ten hire someone a whole lot cheaper and dontate the savings to a sexual assault counselling service.

    Let’s hope 2Day FM follow Channel Ten’s lead and sack him, before dontating to a sexual assault counselling service.

    Let’s hope he becomes so bitter he completely self-destructs in public.

    Let’s hope he goes into a downward spiral that shows like Today Tonight can’t possibly ignore.

  10. Hello Zoot,

    Yes, you would expect that to be the case — interestingly I heard last night that he reckons he can’t work with a 7 second delay button — I would suggest to him that if he somehow retains his job perhaps he should learn.

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