Rape, you say? Where’s my hilarious clown horn sound effect?

Quick quiz: You are a radio host. A 14 year old girl has just told you live on air she was raped when she was 12. What is your response?

  • “Did I hear you correctly – did you say you were raped? I’m sorry, this is a very serious matter, we’re going to play a song while we look into this off-air. Obviously an allegation of rape is a serious one that should be investigated by police”; or

  • “Right … is that the only experience you’ve had?”

If you selected the second option, then congratulations! You could be a host on 2Day FM!

Special bonus round: if someone suggests a segment in which mothers can drag their teenage daughters on the air and interrogate them about their private lives, how would you respond?

  • “Are you kidding? I’m not a monster! Let’s do something that’s not insanely cruel!” – or

  • “Great! Sounds like fun – for us! Ha ha!”

If you selected the second option, then your future in radio is assured.

UPDATE: The recording (helpfully archived by News Ltd here) gives a taste of the awfulness and sheer lack of human compassion (for a child, no less) at the beginning of the incident, long before the rape allegation “surprised” the hosts:

Jackie O: Alright, we have her hooked up (laughs) to the lie detector…
Kyle Sandilands: awww.
Jackie O: She’s not happy! (laughs)
Kyle Sandilands: How are you, Rachel?
Child: I’m scared! It’s not fair!
Jackie O: It wouldn’t be fair on any kid, I tell you, I sympathise with you
Kyle Sandilands: Is that true, Charles?
Lie detector bloke: That is true.
Kyle Sandilands: She is scared everyone, yeah.
Jackie O: Yeah. Mum, you have a series of questions you’re going to ask your daughter…


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28 responses to “Rape, you say? Where’s my hilarious clown horn sound effect?

  1. I have not the words.

    Well, actually, I do. But I’ll try and be polite.

    There’s some serious questions that need asking here.

  2. You summed this up perfectly Jeremy, unbelievable…I can’t believe that our society has sunk to a level where incidents such as these could be considered to be in any way either entertainment or acceptable.

    On the other hand, what more can we expect from the mind numbingly talentless and cretinous Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O ?

    Little wonder my radio dial never strays from SEN.

  3. I don’t expect genius from them, but what adult could laugh at a 14 year old girl’s suffering on air and then INTERROGATE HER? And what person could hear the word “rape” and not immediately be concerned?

  4. Lynda Hopgood

    Further to that, Jeremy; what person could hear the word “rape” in the context of a question about sex and ask what “other” experiences she has had?

    Apart from anything else, Sandilands needs a “rape is about violence, not sex” lesson.

  5. Hello Lynda

    You and Jeremy are spot on, making light of a child’s rape and then interrogating her further on any other sexual experiences she may have had — its beyond sick.

    I can’t help wondering what the radio station management were thinking allowing this to go to air and why they haven’t seen fit to take any action since — and while I’m ranting, what the hell are our broadcasting authorities doing…surely this must have breached some ethical standards ?

  6. Oh, and one more thing — what the heck was the child’s mother doing allowing her daughter to be subjected to this in the first place, she’s even more culpable than the moronic hosts of the show…Honestly some people really are unfit parents.

  7. What I am wondering is was there ever any point to the segment other than the girls public humiliation, it just went worse than expected.

    How is grilling a 14 year old girl against her will on her sexual history on live radio considered appropriate entertainment in any context?

  8. Look at it this way: Both the radio station, the show AND the presenters are front (web)page news. Operation: BIG SUCCESS!

    (lets talk about this a little more, shall we? With followup. Oh, be sure to mention the names of the station, show and persentors again. Good. One more time, please. Can we Have more righteous indignation? Excellent. “Coming up next, Scandal on the 2Day show, hosted by…”)

  9. I’m not sure this is the sort of “success” and “publicity” they really want.

    Particularly if the authorities take notice, pissweak and toothless tiger though the broadcasting authority may be.

    Still, if you’re right, I expect their next stunt will involve Kyle killing and eating a baby koala live on air, before skullfucking its corpse. If the only criterion for success is outrage from everyone else.

  10. Returned Man

    This had better not end here. At least his (female) co-host had the decency to show humility and admit that the segment needed to finish.

    Let’s hope, however, that it does mean the finish to all such ridiculous “reality” segments.

  11. Sandilands is a tool of epic proportions.

    How could they possibly think that asking questions like that to a 14yr old was worthy or appropriate in the first place?

  12. This is much worse than the Chaser ‘sick kids’ song.

  13. “This is much worse than the Chaser ’sick kids’ song.”

    Absolutely right DBoP, I’m stunned that anyone on that radio station could’ve thought it an appropriate thing to do — and Child Welfare officers should be paying a visit to the girl’s mother…..

  14. Jeremy Pretending To Be John Surname: Great minds, Jeremy.

    Jeremy Pretending To Be Jeremy: Pretend John, a broken clock is right twice a day.

  15. thevoiceofreason

    Sounds really awful, and handled very badly Kyle and Jackie; sounds like they didnt believe her and were trying to save there own arses. This kid needs alot of help. Police need to make the facts public ASAP.

  16. Normally I’d be opposed to forced sterilisation, but for Kyle and the mum, I’m willing to make exceptions.

  17. Do we know who advertises on this show?
    A boycott targeting the sponsors of the Loathsome Duo would dent their career prospects quick smart.

  18. Good point.

    Well, from their website, Optus would appear to be a major sponsor. Aussie and Citibank have ads on the site, too.

  19. confessions

    Sandilands has published a “his side” on the PUnch. Needless to say he’s copping it from readers, but why give blog space to the idiot, especially when he refuses to apologise for the whole affair?


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  21. I love the headline of this post. Clown horn! That’s my favourite sound effect in the world.

    In Kyle’s defence, I think he was pretty flummoxed and his first reaction was to keep the radio ‘flow’ going.

    Clown horn!

  22. His defenders keep saying that, as if his surprised reaction to the revelation was the main thing being criticised here.

    It’s not in any way a defence to participating in such a segment. Interrogating a 14-year old live on air about her sexual experiences? That was NEVER going to be acceptable, and “I was surprised by the outcome” misses the point entirely.

  23. I’m still amazed that there doesn’t seem to be too much criticism of the girl’s mother — after all, if she hadn’t consented and taken her daughter to the studio the segment would never have happened.

    It was the mother also who asked the question, knowing full well that her daughter had been raped — what hope has this poor girl got ?

  24. I’ve seen plenty of criticism of the mother – but obviously she’s not a public figure, with a public job, and the matter ultimately is between human services and her and her child.

    The matter as regards a radio station and a pair of radio hosts running such a segment, though, is of public concern.

  25. “The matter as regards a radio station and a pair of radio hosts running such a segment, though, is of public concern.”

    You’re right of course Jeremy, I can’t help thinking that the station management is getting off a little too lightly here too — surely they have some sort of control over what goes to air, along with the show’s producer/s and other off-air staff…Every one of them is equally complicit in this.

  26. Zippy the Pinhead

    How did this even get on air — no one hit the dump button to go back in time 7 seconds and go to ad/music !?!?! … even if one had no comprehension of english that sounded real bad for an eternity after the ‘revelation’.

    That pause — and Vile’s next line — I’m with Jeremy on this one — the guy was reaching for a GAG – a joke – to turn the badness into ENTERTAINMENT. any amateur comedian can detect the telltale timing inflections … he was NOT floundering as he claims — he was thinking hard on how to got back to doing his frikken job .. of being an smartarsehole.

    I never thought one would need a word stronger than cunt to describe someone.

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  28. the mum all else involved except that poor girl are scum and this infringes on the law i believe its really sick that girl should sue and get independence from her mum in my eyes the mums the worst offender

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