Kyle’s the real victim here

Why won’t anyone think of Kyle’s suffering?

I’m sorry for her that it turned out like that. I’ve certainly pissed off a lot of journos over the years but I’m sad that they’re using the rape of a 12-year-old girl to have a go at me.

Damned journos! Where’s their decency?

Imagine – using Sandilands’ interrogating a 14 year old girl about her sex life live on air to attack him? Have they no shame? What else could he have done? NOT interrogate a 14 year old girl live on air about her sex life?

The lack of concern for Kyle Sandilands’ feelings disgusts me.

UPDATE: Here’s the ACMA complaints form.

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8 responses to “Kyle’s the real victim here

  1. Reading Penberthy’s twitter feed he’s obviously copping it for giving Sandilands the free space. There’s something… about the Punch seeking him out and putting him on their blog, especially with the crap he’s written! Profitting from rubber necking is what comes to mind.

  2. Jeremy: from the comments in the post at LP, Kyle and JackyO will be in martin place sydney in the flesh on 6th Aug for some digital radio promotion thing. Seems a good opportunity for Sydney people to turn up and let the pair know what they think about their *shock jock* tactics.

  3. confessions, I am glad penbo did. Giving him the space doesnt and shouldnt mean they endorse his argument, and they ran a piece in favour of him being sacked before anyway.
    If anything letting that moron write that is just like giving him a shovel. Keep digging I say.

  4. They should both be taken off air.

  5. I just joined the Kyle Sandilands is a wanker facebook group. It’s got a lot of new members today.

  6. thevoiceofreason

    My comments on the punch cant get through moderation. Wonder how many others cant. “Profiteering off raped kid” they dont seem to accept even if it is fact.

  7. cosmicjester: i’m not suggesting that airing the idiot’s views mean they endorse them, more that there is this unseemly air of gossip mongering and feeding the story that comes from getting Sandilands to do a post so soon, if at all. Sandilands and JackyO dont need a Punch site to communicate with the public: they have their own radio show where they can apologise (or not as it seems) to listeners to their hearts content.

    It just looks to me like the Punch is behaving like a New Idea or Womens Weekly and getting the *scoop* insider view, regardless of how appalling the person behaved or how much all this seems like rubbernecking. I was however pleased to see on penberthy’s twitter that they didn’t pay him – thank heavens for small mercies!

  8. The absolute worst thing the Punch could have possibly done for Sandilands is to allow him to personally write up a response to the incident. He is quote possibly the most boorish,unitelligent, non-curious, unreflective individual in the Australian media. Anything he wrote was only ever going to make it so much worse from him, as you can see from the utter bollocking he justifiably received in the comments thread following his post.

    You really have to wonder if it wasn’t a deliberate attempt on the Punch’s part to give Kyle a further a kick in the balls, knowing full well that he would only incriminate himself further. Maybe that’s giving the Punch too much credit though…

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