They don’t pay tim Blair the big bucks for nothing.

UPDATE: God, he really can’t get us out of his head.

We only write about tim and Andy’s published work because they’re columnists whose vicious efforts to poison public discussion in this country are sufficiently prominent – in the tabloids, on news.com.au, on the television – that they really need some kind of public response. Not only prominent – but prolific. It’s not like if we ignore them they’ll go away.

But their regular posts about us? God knows why they think those’ll win them anything.

Hell, this post has been up for almost a day and has not a single comment. My commenters here don’t give a crap about those two. Why would theirs be any more interested to read about us? Sure, some readers might be interested in hearing a response to the actual content of our critiques – you know, an actual debate on the topics at hand – but that’s hardly what they’re being offered.

The whole thing’s very weird.

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2 responses to “TYPOS SPOTTED

  1. BabsonTask

    Sorry to spoil the no-commentness of the comment section, but I felt I must say “hahaha”.

    Poor old Tim…

  2. We don’t care about them because they aren’t worth caring about.

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