What, they’re back on again?

The Chaser: funny when it was a satirical, Onion-style newspaper and website. Funny when it was a satirical news programme.

Lame when it turned into Candid Camera. When a federal politician caught being involved in the smearing of muslims could call the stunt “a Chaser-style prank”. Ugh.

They haven’t gone back to the old stuff, have they? I didn’t bother watching last night.

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8 responses to “What, they’re back on again?

  1. It was the same old smug undergraduate prank shit, plus some very ugly and unfunny racism. Putting the noose around a black woman isn’t funny, EVEN if you are mocking an evil organisation like the KKK.

  2. You didn’t miss a thing, Jeremy. Bring back the Gruen Transfer!

  3. Hit and miss. I loved the ‘Shore Rowing Appeal’ skit.

  4. I only saw a bit. They took a dummy dressed as the Governor General into the Melbourne Club (who always give GGs membership, but don’t accept women, so…). Guy at the desk very firmly and politely kicked them out. SURPRISE.

    It’s like knocking on someone’s door and running away. “OMGLOL they opened the door!” – what do you expect them to do? I wonder if they ever bother to cut anything that doesn’t work out.

  5. thevoiceofreason

    It is on repeat abc2 at 8.30 on thursdays. The open mic at the rugby is a laugh.

  6. There was a Billy Connolly send-up that seemed to work. The KKK changing to pink robes to raise breast cancer awareness was funny in concept if not execution. But the rest was pretty dire. They came across as a bunch of private-school smartarses poking fun at unsuspecting people who have ordinary jobs. Nasty FM breakfast radio comedy might be the logical progression from here.

  7. Yeah, pretty hit and miss. I thought that chucking a Quentin Bryce mannequin over the wall of the Melbourne Club was not funny and pretty lame.

    I did like the Jesus-footprints thing, though. That made me laugh.

  8. Well, it just goes to show that you can’t amuse everyone. I thought the Jesus footprints sketch was a failure. But The Chaser is still generally funny even if the hassle-the-front-desk type skit is well past its use by date. A lot of The Chaser is crude, but at least they are performing sketches and pulling stunts, and are not just a bunch of smarties on a panel. Sketch comedy is risky and expensive and often means having to include segments that didn’t come off. Also, omni-directional satire is bound to leave many people, particularly the po-faced, unamused.

    I miss the Gruen Transfer but The Chaser is a reasonable alternative, even if they seem to be following the old formula. Every now and then the boys hit a target with 20 megatons and this makes the show worthwhile. Osama at APEC anyone?

    P.S. Why does ‘Abu Chowdah’ link to Amazon for the book Liberal Fascism? Conservative commentator Jonah Goldberg’s attempt to equate lefties and Nazis seems to be an odd thing to advertise in this forum.

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