A thank you might be nice

Right-wing politicians and hacks have long complained that the random audiences at ABC shows are not sufficiently supportive of their cause. So the ABC goes to the effort of bringing in affirmative action to help out these oppressed minority conservatives – and what do they get in return?

Senator Abetz congratulated the ABC but said it had acted in response to his pressure. “I’ve got a funny hunch unless certain questions were asked at Senate estimates, that would not necessarily be the case,” he said.

Very gracious, Eric.

UPDATE: But some good news for the Greens – finally “over-represented” somewhere! Sure, they’d probably prefer to have some seats in the House of Representatives even vaguely commensurate with their level of support, but half a dozen people in an ABC audience is nice, too.

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2 responses to “A thank you might be nice

  1. “Right-wing politicians and hacks have long complained that the random audiences at ABC shows are not sufficiently supportive of their cause.”

    Bolt for example comes across as a bit of a conspiracy theorist on this topic. I’d imagine ABC audiences reflect ABC viewers, is there evidence that the ABC vets audiences for thier political beliefs and then rejects them if they support the coalition?

    “The national broadcaster’s efforts to recruit more right-wingers for the studio audience of panel program Q & A, by reaching out to religious groups, Rotary Clubs and accounting firms, appear to have worked, with Coalition supporters outnumbering Labor voters in the show’s audiences so far this year. Greens, however, remain over-represented.”

    It’s a crying shame that the ABC now stacks it’s audience in light of the baseless accusations of stacking in favour of ‘the left’ why on earth dio the ABC give a shit about the whingings of first class whingers such as Ackerman and Bolt, they may represent an alternative view but let’s face it their alternative view is, more often than not, ludicrous. (eg Bolt’s view that ABC stacks audiences against the coalition).

  2. thevoiceofreason

    “Random audiences” with the way the polls are for every 100 people 55 would be Labour supporters, 20 would be Liberal, the idea of recruiting to have a 50/50 split over represents the minority and is infact, not random.

    The trend since Obama has shifted to the left amonst the said randoms. Right-winger need to get their head around this and shift a little or become irrelavant.

    Disturbtion of income and wealth is now the main game after ‘trickle down’ and deregulation were found to be such proven failures colapsing the money supply, causing misery to billion of people world wide.

    The green are a growing force as their voters care about economics, politics, news and current affairs so it not surprising to see them turn up in their droves to these sorts of programs.

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