Find the funny

Here’s a challenge. Take this witless tirade of abuse by conservative “comedian” PJ O’Rourke and find the funny.

Is it this?

The worst thing in politics is ”bipartisan consensus.” Bipartisan consensus – that’s like when my doctor and my lawyer agree with my wife that I need help.

Ha ha ha!

Or this?

The global economic melt-down is bringing droves of these consensus-builders to office. (And I, for one, am over the age of consent.)

What a pun!

Or maybe?

First, he appoints a Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who thinks ”foreign affairs” means her husband is overseas.

LOL. Yeah, I’ve heard he was a bit of a sleaze.

Andy and tim think the highlight is this bit:

America has wound up with a charming leftist as a president. And this scares me. This scares me not because I hate leftists. I don’t. I have many charming leftist friends. They’re lovely people – as long as they keep their nose out of things they don’t understand. Such as making a living.

When charming leftists stick their nose into things they don’t understand they become ratchet-jawed purveyors of monkey-doodle and baked wind. They are piddlers upon merit, beggars at the door of accomplishment, thieves of livelihood, envy coddling tax lice applauding themselves for giving away other people’s money. They are the lap dogs of the poly sci-class, returning to the vomit of collectivism. They are pig herders tending that sow-who-eats-her-young, the welfare state. They are muck-dwelling bottom-feeders growing fat on the worries and disappointments of the electorate. They are the ditch carp of democracy.

And that’s what one of their friends says.

Heh heh. Carp.

Seriously – this is supposed to be funny? I’ve read wittier posts by tim Blair.

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20 responses to “Find the funny

  1. P.J. O’rourke is about as a funny as a penis full of pus, and has all the wit of a bucket of shit. Of course Julie Bishop thought he was quite the raconteur.

    The best part was a women in the audience who asked him a question about satirising the middle class baby boomers yada yada, and she was clearly taking the piss at his expense, well it went right over his head.His retort was fucking clueless just like the rantings of Bishop.

  2. I’ve read wittier posts by tim Blair.

    What? When did timmeh’s writing ever approach wit?
    Oh, wait a minute; I think I see what you’re getting at …

  3. thevoiceofreason

    They forget they cause this and are now asking for pblic money, they so dread, to bail them out of the shit. Amazing.

  4. philiptravers

    The fellow even ended up on ABC Radio drive time in Sydney. I listened ,but even when hew as saying a few things amusing,it is plainly obvious, that, he would prefer to label people they way he wants to,rather than let them label themselves.After all the Democrats are considered by many in the U.S.A. having richer folk on their side and more business orientated. I think,also he has a capacity for being honest,but he prefers to use his own honesty in a showmanship charade.

  5. Watched him on Q and A and quickly understood why PJO isn’t in Australia for the Melbourne Comedy Festival.
    Iain Hall is slightly more humorous, but of course we laugh at him, not with him;;;

  6. Humourless lefties. Don’t you get that what’s funny is that he’s saying nasty things about you that we conservatives agree with?

  7. I’ve read wittier posts by tim Blair.” – JS

    Less tedious, mayber, but wittier…..??

  8. O’Rourke was once a very witty writer, but that was back in the 1980′s when he was a libertarian and fond of drugs. He has become a lot more conservative and a lot less amusing since then. The last time I really laughed at anything he wrote was in about 1991.

  9. Ah, c’mon the guy’s hysterical! He’s saying that lefties are no good with money, only days after the right ground the world economy into meatloaf? I mean, what else can you do but laugh at such a clown?

  10. This is a very poor quality article that doesn’t say anything useful. Its only purpose is to offend and is not in the slightest bit funny.

    Maybe the joke is that it was published at all.

    But when I saw P J O’Rourke on Q and A he did say some things that I agree with. What he said about refugees, the cause of the economic crisis and the rule of law. A lot of the other stuff he says I just ignore. I find this is the only possible way to communicate between the left and the far right.

    Jeremy, I finally updated the link on my site to your new WordPress blog.

  11. As others have said he was funnier before 9/11. His books are mostly pretty good. Since 9/11 though he’s just been a republican mouthpiece.

  12. Jeremy I’m sure you’re familiar with my political views and attitudes to right-wing hacks, as you’ve probably censored some of them at Pure Poison.

    So it’s wth all due respect that I reckon you miss the point of O’Rourke. He is not a comedian he’s a satirist and a very cynical one at that – satire is not always meant to be funny.

    Don’t be so precious just because he has a go at the Democrats. To call him a Republican mouthpiece (not your words) is to compare whim with arseholes such as Bill O’Rielly.

    O’Rourke is not that one-eyed and has said several times while in Australia that the conservative side of politics have blown it.

    Your one-eyed criticism of him, and singling out a few quotes from a myriad of media appearances he has made in the past week really is no better than the hatchet jobs I’d expect from Bolt and Blair (complete with contributions from readers) – I notice you failed to mention his small-l liberal stance on asylum seekers and criticising conservatives for going rightwing on the issue

    But the most disappointing thing about this post where you say you’ve read wittier posts by Tim Blair. That is just an outright fucking lie and you should apologise.

    BTW The Hillary Clinton gag is quite funny. I bet you never minded jokes about Sarah Palin. Don’t be so precious Jeremy. I welcome political comment, debate and satire from the right side of the fence. O’Rourke provides that, but with some rare objectivity and, yes, some humour.

  13. “Don’t be so precious just because he has a go at the Democrats.”

    I’m obviously not. I’ve got no torch for the Democrats, as I’ve demonstrated repeatedly.

    “Your one-eyed criticism of him, and singling out a few quotes from a myriad of media appearances he has made in the past week really is no better than the hatchet jobs I’d expect from Bolt and Blair”

    I haven’t seen his other appearances; I was commenting on this piece to which both Bolt and Blair were linking so enthusiastically.

    “BTW The Hillary Clinton gag is quite funny. “

    No it isn’t. It’s a lame pun.

    “I welcome political comment, debate and satire from the right side of the fence.”

    So do I. I just expect “comedians” to be funny. This piece of O’Rourke’s wasn’t.

  14. Fair enough. But he’s not a comedian.

    I bet in all their gloating Blair and Bolt didn’t mention his asylum seeker stance either (that’s not another comparision with you).

  15. POOR Macca on Bolts blog–they say he has swine flu. it may be true,I asked him this morning how he was feeling, and he replied, oink-oink-oink. Get well cards for Macca, can be emailed to bolts blog.

  16. Wow, that’s guy’s to totally lame. Not only the jokes – that Clinton “joke” for example was probably found on the cutting room floor for Letterman 8 or so years ago, but just blatently so full of crap! Democrats = Left?? how???
    US controlled by Nato? Um, I think it might just be the other way around…

  17. I hate O’Rourke but he has a point about this bi-partisanship Obama is suddenly big on: he was voted in because the majority of Americans think the other choice was rancid! Bring on the “partisan” naming of names and criminal trials of malfeasors in high places.

  18. Well I saw a couple of minutes of Q&A where he was cool.

    Now I read pretty much everything else he writes, and he’s a tool.

    Just goes to show that if you say enough, something will eventually be good. It’s the saturation bombing approach to wit.

  19. “I’m obviously not. I’ve got no torch for the Democrats, as I’ve demonstrated repeatedly.”

    Please Jeremy. Are you really saying you would have been fine with McCain as president?

  20. Of course not.

    But it doesn’t follow that I like the Democrats, or would be unable to find O’Rourke funny because he mocks them for being shit. They ARE shit.

    And even though the Republicans are even more shit, that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to laugh at the Democrats.

    Dude, I’m happy to laugh at the Greens, even though they’re the people I actually vote for.

    O’Rourke’s sin in that piece isn’t being one-sided: it’s not being funny.

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