You should see what happens when the videocamera is off

Another awesome reason to visit the UAE.

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15 responses to “You should see what happens when the videocamera is off

  1. Lucky he was in the UAE, they’re amateurs.

    If he was kidnapped by the Americans, they might have waterboarded him 183 times. Yes, 183 times. Watch someone being drowned for even a few moments, and then let that number sink in ….

  2. Yes Karl, yawn….We know from other posts of yours, the Americans are the worst torturers and human rights abusers, and are responsible for all the evils in the world for all time, ever.

    Get a life and get a grip on reality, in fact — grow up.

  3. Oh he is really lucky Karl! Who wouldn’t count their lucky stars to be tortured like that!!

    Seriously Karl, are you that fucking stupid to believe that?

  4. A noble ally in the fight for freedom and democracy…

  5. philiptravers

    A new day,a Anzac day, lest we forget that places like Aghanistan have a law making body, thus legislation.I read somewhere else besides Australian newspaper sites on line, that the legislation of Afghanistan requires the farmers to grow opium!?And our boys are protecting them” against” the Taliban who in their last year of office had criminalised the growing and the opium production went down an enormous percentage. Lest we Forget. Does Australian Customs or Federal Police check everything that goes to Pine Gap,and returned Defense Transport!?

  6. Fucking hypocrites refuse to look in the mirror. When another country does it, howls of outrage. When the West does it 100 times worse, a wall of silence.

  7. Yes Karl, we’re all hypocrites because we don’t believe the West is the Great Satan — now you go buy that 1 way ticket to North Korea or perhaps, even the UAE and you’ll live happily ever after, I’m sure.

  8. I don’t approve of waterboarding a helpless bound victim 183 times, I should emigrate, and leave you to it?

  9. Karl it was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that was waterboarded 183 times. He was the same guy that beheaded Daniel Pearl. He also masterminded the murder of 3,000 people.

    Sadly he is still alive. Fortunately so are the intended victims of plots he disclosed in his interrogation. Maybe you should redirect your “howls of outrage”.

  10. SB My God! something we can finally agree on.

  11. It’s not hard Phill. I’m really Mr Agreeable. Besides, I thought we agreed that John Howard was a nasty piece of work.

  12. Take another look at the video Karl, and listen to the comments of the torturers, I don’t approve of waterboarding either, even though it seems to have been effective in extracting vital information that may well have not been forthcoming otherwise from Khalid, but it’s nothing compared to what that bloke went through and to try to equate the 2 is ridiculous.

    If my family were amongst the 3000+ victims that died because of Khalid, I’d probably look a little more favourably on waterboarding than I do, I suspect you would too.

  13. ” It’s not hard Phill. I’m really Mr Agreeable. Besides, I thought we agreed that John Howard was a nasty piece of work.”

    Indeed SB. You know notwithstanding our differences on Vietnam and its aftermath, this and I do not include Iraq which is Vietnam redux.(I aint getting into a debate)They had better get their brains and arseholes wired together over what is going on in Afghanistan/Pakistan, it could bring a shit storm down on us all. The only thing we will all be disagreeing on then, is where to hide.

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