Freedom from anarchy Day

Oh, god – the economic rightwingers aren’t trying that stupid “Tax Freedom Day” drivel here, are they?

They are?

As Fred Clark pointed out regarding the similar argument by the US counterpart of the hilariously misnamed “Center for Independent Studies” -

Therefore, the Tax Foundation says, if we were liberated from the existence of government and taxes, someone now making $15 in gross pay would make $15 in net pay.

I don’t know which half of that assumption is crazier — the idea that equivalent jobs would exist with equivalent wages in life Beyond Thunderdome, or the idea that $15 here would have exactly the same purchasing power as 15 units of whatever barter-currency the regional warlords would be accepting in the Hobbesian jungle of the Tax Foundation’s idea of utopia.

Please tell me no-one’s taking that garbage seriously.

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8 responses to “Freedom from anarchy Day

  1. Nobody of government policy influence, anyway.

  2. The Economist

    Actually, the really hilarious part is that the Tax Foundation never makes that claim anywhere in their publications, and never has.

    The “zero government counterfactual” you cite is entirely a straw-man constructed by paranoid progressives who assume that anyone who measures overall tax levels must therefore also be advocating for tax cuts.

    It’s obvious to anyone who has ever actually read the Tax Foundation study that their position is fairly moderate, and does not take a position on the appropriate level of taxes at all. They basically just show the nation’s tax to GDP ratio, and how it has changed over time, which you can see for yourself here:

    It’s really bizarre the kind of unwarranted outrage the totally non-controversial tax-to-national-income measure of Tax Freedom Day provokes from the political left. It really not as political as you seem to think.

  3. That’s entirely disingenuous: the point the Tax Foundation are making is entirely obvious. The Tax Foundation is cynically attacking an average which in a progressive taxation system clearly does not apply to most people (who’d pay a much lower percentage of their income in tax) for the cheap debating point of making taxes seem high so they can argue for their being reduced.

    The Tax Foundation tells people for the first x days of the year they’re working entirely for the government – working entirely for the government each day being a repugnant concept – which works as an attack on ANY taxation.

    Then they talk of the “Tax Freedom” of the blissful rest of the year when they say effectively you’re paying NO tax the government – again, advocacy of a NO TAX position.

    The Tax Foundation may not actually believe in zero taxes, but it misleadingly uses the contrast between a zero tax position and the present rates to make its rhetorical point.

  4. It is important that people understand the magnitude of the national tax impost. Whenever some measure of this is published shrill mewling fills the air as leftists mark out their territory with piss and bile.

    Its as though any reduction of taxes is stealing their own money. Fearful and bitter they writhe and fret as they envision their plans for spending other peoples’ money being flushed away.

    When Labour leaves office this time it will, as all previous Labour governments have, leave the country more indebted than when they took over. Then the adults will take over, restore the nations finances, and the whole miserable cycle will be repeated.

  5. thevoiceofreason

    SB the current economic forces demand how a govenment spends. The liberals has ssaid they would have spent $170 billion, this would leave Australia in debt.
    I dont know how proper regulation of the finance system would be able to be afforded with lower taxes.

  6. No, no, it’s Kevin Rudd’s plane food. If he ate Maccas at the airport, we’d save A TRILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. EACH!

  7. Not to mention one less visit of Bronwyn Bishop to the hair dresser a year.Now that’s a serious saving.

  8. I can only wonder how much is spent on elocution lessons getting Cristopher Pyne to speak proper, maybe some savings there mayhaps?

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